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import * as mongoose from 'mongoose';
import { Document, Schema } from 'mongoose';

interface UserModelInterface extends Document {
  fruit: string
  zest: {
    color: string;
    size: string;

const userSchema: Schema = new Schema(
    fruit: { type: String },
    zest: {
      color: { type: String },
      size: { type: String },
    timestamps: true,

const userModel = mongoose.model<UserModelInterface>('User', userSchema);
export { userModel, UserModelInterface };

Then to save a new fruit... but how do I insert the size a sa child of zest?

import { userModel, UserModelInterface } from '../models/user';
const fruit = 'Pinapple';
const size = 'Large';
const user = new userModel({
  zest: {size}                     //<== Somthings wrong here?
} as UserModelInterface);
const saved = await;

Then to update the record to add the color to zest withut effecting the size...

import { userModel, UserModelInterface } from '../models/user';
const fruit = 'Pinapple';
const color = 'Golden';
const confirmed = await userModel
    { fruit },
      $set: { zest: {color} },    //<== Somthings wrong here?


These are my schemas (Topic is parent and contains a list of 'Thought's):

var TopicSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  title: { type: String, unique: true },
  category: String,
  thoughts: [ThoughtSchema]
}, {
  timestamps: true,
  toObject: {virtuals: true},
  toJSON: {virtuals: true}

var ThoughtSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  text: String,
  author: {type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'User'},
    voter: {type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'User'},
    up: Boolean,
    date: {type: Date, default:}
}, {
  timestamps: true,
  toObject: {virtuals: true},
  toJSON: {virtuals: true}


I am trying to read the thought's author and change my get Topic api like this:

  var cursor = Topic.find(query).populate({
    path: 'thoughts',
    populate: {
      path: 'author',
      model: 'User'
  }).sort({popularity : -1, date: -1});

  return cursor.exec()

But the author is null.. i also do not get any error in the console. What is wrong here?

Edit: Actually i do not need the Thought as a schema, it does not have its own collection in database. It will be saved in topics. But in order to use timestamps option with thoughts, i needed to extract its contents to a new local schema ThoughtSchema. But i have now defined the contents of thoughtSchema directly in the thoughts array of topics, it still does not work.

Edit2: This is the cursor object just before it is executed. Unfortunately i cannot debug in Webstorm, this is a screenshot from node inspector:

enter image description here

Long time listener first time caller :-)

I've searched for a considerable amount of time and haven't quite found an answer to my problem here. I'm looking for a way, or would like to know the "proper" way, to only return a specific item within a nested mongoose Schema.

So lets say I have this example.

var mongoose = require('mongoose')
var Schema = mongoose.Schema

var conn = mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/testjs');

Bar = new Schema({
  text: String

Foo = new Schema({
  bar: [Bar]

var Foo = mongoose.model('Foo', Foo);

// Clean up the DB
Foo.find({}, function(err, res) {
    for (i in res) {

var foo = new Foo(){"text":"Hi"}){"text":"Bye"}){"text":"Hey"})

    var r = Foo
    .exec(function(err, res) {


[ { _id: 546c235cea0f16dc0d85a60f,
    bar: [ { text: 'Hi' }, { text: 'Bye' }, { text: 'Hey' } ] } ]

From the query I would've expected it to only return

[ { _id: 546c235cea0f16dc0d85a60f,
        bar: [ { text: 'Hi' } ] } ]

So I guess that leads me to a few questions:

  1. Is there a better way this query should be constructed?
  2. Is this typical behavior and it's up to be to loop over the results and just pull out what I need?
  3. For the original query, why would it return all fields rather than what I've specified in the 'where' statement?

This question already has an answer here:

Using moongoose for Node.js, I'm trying to go through each object in the "STEPS" array and decrease the stepid by 1. Using this schema below:

"appid": 1,
"steps": [
                "name": "step4",
                "stepid": 4,
                "name": "step5",
                "stepid": 5,
"appname": "myapp"

Here's how I tried is using .update:

        {'appid': 1, 'steps.stepid': { $gt: 3 }},
        { $inc: { 'steps.$.stepid': -1 } },
    { multi: true }

But I can't seem to get it to work correctly. I was able to play around with the code and get it to update but it would only update 1 of the objects in the array, whereas I would like it to go through each object in the array and decrease by 1.

Should I break it out and first use find and then update? The old dev in me says to do a for loop but I know that's not the right way to do it with node.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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