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We're adding aliases to the servers that are currently hosting our ClickOnce deployments for our WinForms applications and want to point the deployment to use the new alias (e.g. moving from //servername/appname/app.application to //applications/appname/app.application). This is due to the fact that we are planning on retiring our current servers and hope to make future migrations between servers easier. Ideally, we want to not require users to un/reinstall the affected applications.

Would it be as simple as changing the Installation Folder URL and Update Location to use this new alias or would this possibly be more complicated? Happy to answer any questions for clarification.

I have a collection of ClickOnce packages in a publish folder on a network drive and need to move them all to another server (our DR machine).

After copy/pasting the whole directory and running the setups on the new machine I get an error message stating that it cannot find the old path:

Activation of ...MyClickOnceApp.application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:

+ Downloading file://oldMachine/c$/MyClickOnceApp.application did not succeed.

+ Could not find a part of the path '\\oldMachine\c$\MyClickOnceApp.application'.

Once I change the installation URL to point at my new machine, I get another error:

Manifest XML signature is not valid.

+ The digital signature of the object did not verify.

I've tried using MageUI.exe, to modify the deployment URL, but it asks for a certificate, which I don't have.

What am I doing wrong and how do I successfully move published ClickOnce packages?

In my project i have 85 mb files, out of which 70 mb files are Third party control dlls which dont change often, and remain 15 mb are my application files.

When i publish the project, it is uploading all the files (85 MB) and hence taking around two hours to publish to the server.

Is there any way that i can just publish the exe and application files and then copy the remaining dlls manually to the server


the dlls must be copied to client machines from a specific location?

What should i do to speed up the publish?

I manage to finish my project and publish it for deployment on other machines. My C# WPF application have SQL Server CE as its backend database. I wanted the database to be able to work in other machine that have no SQL Server CE installed. I publish it using clickonce, the publish was successful. However when I run it on other machines, and tries to open the database there is an error prompt that said 'database file cannot be found. Check the path to the database [Data Source=D:db.sdf]. I followed the tutorials on clickonce by mdsn, Microsoft and by other people, the result is always the same. The local database cannot be detected.

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