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I'm trying to modify my text color on my site with Elementor. I cannot just select all text and modify it's color, since there are links in another color that will get changed as well, which I don't want.

I've tried to insert a <font color="red"> ... </font> into the html, which seems to work as I would like it to. However, switching back to visual after updating changes, the text color changes back to the original, and my <font color="red"> ... </font> is replaced by a &nbsp;.

So, how to simply change text color?

How can I change word "Subtotal" and text in "Checkout" and "Show cart" buttons in the new Elementor menu cart widget? I would like to tranlate them to my language (polish), but these texts are not visible in Loco translate widget that im using. Probably str_ireplace () will work but I can't use it properly. Link to my site -

I'm having difficulties creating new Elementor blocks (images that I populate from a URL and slot into a column, in this case) from Javascript.

I currently have scripts in my page using the html block, and I have actions set up for when a button is clicked. However, I've been unable to find an example of generating new elementor blocks on a web page via code.

Is there a good example I can look at to do this?

My apologies if this is a newbie question.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

1) When a button is clicked, clear the rest of the page

2) Generate a new grouping column with 4 sections

3) Create 1 image block within each section of the columns

4) Populate each image block with an image from a URL

Thanks in advance!

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) { 

function ShowAllImages() {
    //Clear the page below the button
    //Create x amount of grouping sections within page
    //Create y new elementor images in those sections
    //Populate those y elementor image blocks with images   

I am new to protractor tool for automation test in javascript. I am using webstorm as IDE for writing and executing the test cases and I have installed the elementor plugin in it but unable to use it, when i am selecting the particular line of code and right clicking and click on "Test selected locator" - it is showing:

error testing locator:connection refused:connect

Although I am connected to my network. Can someone help me in using this plugin in webstorm?

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