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Is there a size limit of an input cell in a jupyter notebook?

As a test I could paste a huge amount of text (500k words), there was no limit warning but the notebook became very slow, almost unresponsive.

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How do I set a maximum memory limit for a jupyter notebook process?

If I use too much RAM the computer gets blocked and I have to press the power button to restart the computer manually.

Is there a way of automatically killing a jupyter notebook process as soon as a user-set memory limit is surpassed or to throw a memory error? Thanks

Is it possible to use the cell number in the cell as a variable?

For example: I am trying to create a png with different settings each time I run the cell (to see which result I like the most). I want to keep all outputs without having to change the filename as well each time (since this is easy to forget).

I figured it may be useful to use the cell number as a variable in my filename. Is this possible?

I have a Jupyter notebook. In the cell 1, I defined a lot of functions, which need to run before other things. Then in the following cells, I start to present result. However, when I convert to HTML, this layout is ugly. Readers have to scroll a long time to see the result and they may not care about the functions at all. But I have to put the code in that order because I need those functions.

So my question is, is there a way I could control the run order of cells after I click run all? or is there a way I could do something like the following. I put all my function definitions in cell 20, then in cell 1, I could say tell Jupyter something like "run cell 20".

Just curious if this is doable. Thanks.

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