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I have a website and it's point to and we are using ALB(Aws application Loadbalancer that network interface having 2 Public IPs. whenever anyone is hitting Server IP and ALB IP's our website content is coming. Due to that our SEO team is getting Duplicate content related issue from Google.

we tried this link

but Getting 504 Gateway Time Out Error after blocking the website access with ALB and server's IP. we are using AWS server, Route 53, AWS ALB.

I set up a LAMP web server with digital ocean. After installing wordpress, I can navigate to the domain, and the domain stays in the address bar. When I click on any additional links or pages it changes to my servers ip address. Any my A Record is @ & the ip address. The CName hostname is * and pointing to @ as the IP address. Using the @ was recommended during the setup by digital ocean. Any thoughts?

I want to setup a lamp stack to act as a testing area for my website. I only want it open to my computer on localhost - definitely not the internet. Is there a way to ensure this?


On my Windows and Mac boxes, the WAMP and MAMP servers (respectively) are started and stopped manually, but on my Linux box the LAMP stack is always available without the need for starting and stopping.

Isn't this a waste of resources?

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