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So I'm really interested in how servers work and how to code them in Java. Why in Java? Since from what I've heard is that Java is one of the best choices to code servers and I know java quite good. But the problem is, I never really worked with servers and have no clue how they actually work and have no idea where and how to get started with that. My goal is to know how to make enterprise applications and how to code servers really well. Can somebody tell me where should I get started with this? Thank you.

I'd like to make an application for Android which uses JEE6. Is it possible to make an app which runs on a Glassfish (or other server) but with view in android app? Are there any frameworks or sth?

I have this site, a random little one i just play around on with jsf and primefaces.

I have my own domain connected to it, and hosted it on google-app-engine...

It's been working as a charm right up until now. I have not done anything on the site due to vacation time, and suddenly the site is down? It was working when i deployed the last time, now when i go to my site i get this:

Error: Server Error

The server encountered an error and could not complete your request. If the problem persists, please report your problem and mention this error message and the query that caused it.

  • It tells me absolutely nothing, i've tried to re deploy my app, after checking that it worked fine running locally. The first couple of time it just kept on waiting for a verify.. So i stopped it, which led me to learn how to do a rollback as i could not redeploy with the same version number after i stopped it the first time.

I got the rollback fixed, and i now deployed what i know i working code to the app-engine, and still when navigating to my site i get the above error? :S

I'm totally clueless here as the error doesn't really give me anything :S

Anyone have any ideas, i can post code etc. if necessary but something tells me that it is something else seeing that my code runs locally, and ran fine deployed too :S

I am reading books on middleware, Spring, Hibernate, etc., and am wondering myself why the developer invented a new name, i.e. "enterprise edition" for Java "web" or "internet" libraries? As I have a quite individual mindset, "enterprise" edition sounds almost like "socialist" edition... what do I need to know to differentiate better?

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