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In my app I am taking some pictures using the phone's torch, however, the pictures come out too bright sometimes.
I'd like to adjust the torch level before taking the pictures.

After some searches, seems that the android api doesn't allow anything of that sort, but in Samsung devices there is an option to manually adjust the torch brightness in the phone's flashlight settings.

Is there any way to access that functionality programatically and using it in my app?
Maybe a third party library or some way to access it through Samsung's api?

Open to any suggestions 🙏

I am planning to develop a new Android app with a camera use case in it. Reading the API documentation it seems like Android's 'Camera.hardware' class has been deprecated and new 'android.hardware.camera2' has been introduced. So my question is should which API should I start making my app with? Is it a good idea to start developing my app with the deprecated API, so in that case at least I am not restricted to just Android L? And then later once I get good traction, use the new Camera APIs. Will the old APIs work for Android L too ? What would be a good strategy?

I'm planning to make a camera app that you can take a photo with a background image. I guess there will be a need to use a Surfaceview? But the main problem is since the Camera is deprecated there might be a need to use camera2 for android. I want to make a camera app in portrait mode but are there any samples or tip? I googled but wasn't able to find a decent one. I would love to hear from you.

While implementing Camera 2 API, I discovered that only on Samsung S6 edge FLASH_MODE_SINGLE & FLASH_MODE_TORCH functionality are interchanged. If I set FLASH_MODE as FLASH_MODE_SINGLE, it acts as FLASH_MODE_TORCH and vice versa. How to solve this particular problem as it is model specific as far as I tested.

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