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What I have accomplished :

Google Play billing works and I am able to purchase a subscription successfully.

What I want :

Now I want to add a notification feature every time the state of the subscription changes (ie. Renewal, Cancellation, etc.) Since subscriptions auto renews, I would like to notify the user every time it happens.

My problem :

I know how to make a simple notification, but my problem is when. How do I retrieve when the subscription starts (or renewal date), when it ends (or next renewal date). And how do I send the notification? Do I start a background service? I do not have a back end to implement the Google Cloud Pub/Sub

so i'm using InAppBillingService from Google, and i've run into issue.

There is two main type of operation :

  1. Purchase, with which i had no issue, there is Google Play Developer API avialible now, which allows our server to check if purchase was success and so on.

  2. Subscriptions, here i'm totally lost. First of all, by simply no way to cancel customer subscription programmaticaly, second thing is that responce for both purchase and subscription is the same. But i want to have a callback to know, for example, if customer cancelled subscription, or money was transfered to merchant account in correct time.

Question: by reading this post Android In-App Billing Subscription status change callbacks, i've released that question for callbacks wasn't really answered, i hope that there was changes in implementation, which allows me to track payments every period or bubscription cancelation by callbacks. Any help highly appreciated.

This is my first time to deal with in-app billing in android, I want to know If I want to use monthly subscription to my application, is the option of auto-renew subscription in on by default, or user should do something in his/her google wallet account to allow auto-renew subscription in my app


This is a more general question about Google's in-app billing mechanics. I've read the documentation, but there is one thing bothering me, that I would like to sort out before I get to coding.

I would like to remove Admob ads in my android application via a subscription. That means that the user pays for the subscription and as long as he/she chooses to keep the subscription active, there would be no ads in their application.

Now as far as Apple goes, they actually forbid the removal of ads via a renewable subscription. I've been browsing the webs for Google's view of this, but have yet to find any. If anyone has had any experience with this, please do no hesitate to share your thoughts. Am I allowed to remove Admob ads via a subscription.

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