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I was reading documentation here and came accross this syntax which I was not famiiar with, in particular this line:

if File.basename(path)[0] == ?.

The code is obviously doing comparison, but not sure how this works.

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I know that to use class inheritance in Ruby, the following syntax is used:

class MyNewClass < SomeClass

I also know that nesting in namespaces is identified using :::

class SomeNameSpace::MyNewClass < SomeNameOtherSpace::SomeClass 

However, what does the following syntax mean?

class SomeNameSpace::MyNewClass < ::SomeClass 

I expect that ::SomeClass (so without anything before the ::)is a shorthand for something, but what exactly does it mean?

In the following ruby example, what does the & represent? Is it along the line of += in a loop?




I just came across this code:{}

I've never seen this syntax for an array in ruby and I couldn't find much on it after a search. I don't really get what's going on with the curly braces here. I was hoping someone could just give me a brief explanation. Thanks!

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