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For a POC, we need 10 GB of data to be available in Oracle RDS instance. Any test data is ok ( like TPC for benchmarking ) , for this requirement is there any specific way to create database and pump the sample data ?

I want to generate the TPC-DS data (1 TB and 10 TB) directly in AWS S3 without transferring from local machine to s3. What is the easiest way to do that?

For all the developers in a team, i am trying to automate creating a dedicated schema for each one of them from a 'master' schema. How can I achieve this? At the end all I want is: given 'developer_1' schema name, 'developer_1' will have all the tables, views, sequences from schema 'master' along with the index and constrains. Online search pointed to DataPump. AWS documentation seemed pretty light. I am looking to have this setup such a way that, this can be invoked every week to get latest snapshot from master schema. (blowing up whatever existed for developer_1)


I have local .dbm file and I want to populate it to Oracle Database on Amazon RDS. I am using Ubuntu on my local machine. I don't seem to have a data pump utility. I cannot find option/settings in SQLDeveloper to pump my local .dbm file to the remote RDS Oracle database. Any suggestions?

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