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I have downloaded Both TPC-H and TPC-E. tpc-h has .txt files which we can easily load using queries. Kindly guide me how can we load tpc-h benchmark.

I want to generate the TPC-DS data (1 TB and 10 TB) directly in AWS S3 without transferring from local machine to s3. What is the easiest way to do that?

For a POC, we need 10 GB of data to be available in Oracle RDS instance. Any test data is ok ( like TPC for benchmarking ) , for this requirement is there any specific way to create database and pump the sample data ?

I am stuck with the installation of TPC-E EGen on Mac OS X (or Linux). I have downloaded the workload generator from TPC website : but I failed to build it.

When using the following command for building the utilities:

cd Utilities/prj/GNUMake/

I receive the following error:

../../prj/GNUMake/Makefile.EGenUtilities:136: ../../obj/DateTime.d: No such file or directory
../../prj/GNUMake/Makefile.EGenUtilities:136: ../../obj/EGenVersion.d: No such file or directory
../../prj/GNUMake/Makefile.EGenUtilities:136: ../../obj/error.d: No such file or directory
../../obj/locking.d:3: *** missing separator.  Stop.

which is not a meaningful error and does not help in how to resolve the issue.

Any help or hint would be appreciated.

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