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How can I change word "Subtotal" and text in "Checkout" and "Show cart" buttons in the new Elementor menu cart widget? I would like to tranlate them to my language (polish), but these texts are not visible in Loco translate widget that im using. Probably str_ireplace () will work but I can't use it properly. Link to my site -

I am a wordpress beginner, I can only use elementor pro to edit my website. I'm using OceanWP Theme and trying to show the product quantity in a normal WordPress Pages. I've tried the elementor 'Product Stock' widget to echo the quantity, but it doesn't work in the normal WordPress Pages.

I know 'Product Stock' widget only works in Single Product Page, but I would like to show the stock quantity in normal Pages. I don't understand coding, so I'm really struggling with the problem. Please teach me the way to do it or how to echo the product stock quantity via elementor 'Shortcode' or 'HTML' widget by a given product ID="16"?

Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Hi I want to change the "add to cart" button url on my single product page so when we click it , the button will redirect to another website (amazon). Ps. im not a coder but simple code might work for me

I have a form built in Elementor that I am looking to intercep, process the data and forward onto a third party then subsequently show the data on a "confirm" card.

I am able to build this whole process as a single page, setting each as display none with CSS then showing / hiding with JS as I receive AJAX responses. This isn't ideal as it breaks with JS turned off.

I haven't been able to find the right Elementor hook and way to populate a new page with PHP, has anyone had experience with this?

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