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User will enter email address and click on validate button. and after validation,in next page the email address will be shown as first letter of emailxxxxxxxx(till @ symbol)@domain's first letter namexxxx(till domain name length).com. xxxxx represents the length of name

here i'm able to validate the email address using java regx but not able to display the patterns as mentioned above. any idea to achieve in java. I'm very new to this,for any mistake,excuse me

I've been a Java developer for 14 years, and most of my projects are where we had to get things done, rather than be able to plan and design. Things are quiet at the moment, and for the sake of the company (and my CV), I want to do things right.

When writing JSPs, I usually declare a few Java classes at the top in <% %>, and then insert bits of Java code to iterate through ArrayLists/HashMaps, or when I need to SELECT a particular in a tag.

I've used JSTL in the past, but it drove me mad trying to manipulate the construct to do what I wanted to do; writing the equivalent in Java was trivial.

What should I be doing? Is JSTL the "correct" way of doing things? Have things moved on far more than that, that I should be using another way to write JSPs?

I currently use Struts (yep, not even Struts 2), and would like to move to Spring/Struts 2 if I could. But there's no point me driving a Ferrari if I can't even ride my pushbike correctly.

Thoughts, suggestions, criticisms are all very welcome.

I have a few "template" JSP files that are used in more than one struts action. I have another JSP file that I would like to set based on the particular action being called. For example:

<% if(this is one.action) { int testVar = 1; } %>
<% if(this is two.action) { int testVar = 2; } %>

Is there a way to do this?

Need some idea on the process to land in a page after I login to my web portal. My requirement is I will enter Url of a particular page in to the browser, then system will check is the user is login to the system, if yes it will land on the page I have entered but if not then system will take me to the login page and after successful login I will be landed in to the page I have entered in the browser.

So, please tell me how to do it in plain servlet/Jsp model, Spring and Struts 1 and Struts 2.

Any post will be helpful

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