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How to check in jTable the values I am trying to add from jField exists or not ? I am using Vector<Object> in jTable.

I am trying to add a JComboBox in a JTable cell. After addding the JComboBox in the row vector

Vector rown=new Vector();

and run my GUI, the table shows:


Rather than VALUE_ONE in a JComboBox.

Where Am I going wrong?

I searched but there are no similar questions.

I have a function with 2 parameters: row_num, value Before adding a new value, I need to check to see if that row exists in the JTable or not. If it is not, I will add a null row before adding value.

The problem is I don't know how to check if it exists. I tried table.isCellEditable(row_num, 2) but I'm not sure why it always returns True though the table doesn't contain that row.

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I am very new to java and i am developing an inventory management system(Its my first project ).I want to add the column values sententiously when a new row is created. please any one help me how to do so.. i want to sum the line total and show it as the arrow is located.enter image description is my code for table data.

int quantity, price;
Product p = new Product();
String[] result = new String[8];
String data[] = new String[7];
int i = 0;
for (String s : result) {
    data[i] = s;
    i += 1;
data[0] = "1";
quantity = Integer.parseInt(data[0]);
price = Integer.parseInt(data[5]);
int tPrice = price*quantity;
data[6] = Integer.toString(tPrice);  //this is the field which i want to add for all row.

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